Curating Designer Lashes in Whangarei for the past 5 years.

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The leading Lash and Brow Specialist in Northland.

Make a Statememt.


More Defined,

More Conditioned, 

More Beautiful Lashes.

Located in the heart of Whanagrei’s CBD, our refurbished studio provides a sanctuary for you to embrace the opportunity to rest and relax in the privacy and comfort of your own individual treatment room.


We pride ourselves with providing the best, longest lasting, high-quality eyelash extensions.


We tailor your set of lashes to you - enhancing your natural beauty, and complementing your persona, while ensuring your natural lashes remain damage free. 

We know how good a great set of lashes can make you feel,

and we are here to create a set of lashes that gives you the confidence to look and feel your best

The leading Lash and Brow Specialist in Northland.

The leading Lash and Brow Specialist in Northland.

More Defined,

More Conditioned,

More beautiful Lashes.


Make a Statement.

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More Defined.
More Conditioned. More Beautiful Lashes.